Severe Duty Motors – Types & Applications

Severe duty motors are an enhanced version of the standard totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor. Made for industrial environments with rugged construction, they have high-demand duty cycles, vibration resistance, and protection from moisture and contamination. Severe duty motors can be made to meet IEEE-841 standards and often fall between IEEE 841-and TEFC motors.


GIE’s Severe Duty Motors Selection

Gainesville Industrial Electric offers various severe-duty motors to suit the most demanding applications. We are a certified TECO-Westinghouse distributor and also offer severe duty motors from brands such as GE and Maraton Electric.


GE Motors

Base Mounted Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled - Severe Duty Motors Base Mounted Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motors: Available in voltages from 230 to 575 volts with full load amperes at nameplate of 1.2 to 182.8 amps.
Medium Voltage(2300/4000 volts) Medium Voltage Motors: Available in 2300 to 4000 volts with full load amperes at nameplate of 28.2 to 128 amps. We offer energy-saving designs, WPII kits for 509 and 5011 frames, and roller bearing conversion kits for select ratings.

Marathon Electric Severe Duty Motors – General Purpose, Three Phase Motors

Our wide selection of Marathon Electric severe duty motors come in various three-phase designs:

Severe Duty TEFC C-Face Footless Totally Enclosed, Severe Duty C-Face Footless Motors: Available in 1800 RPM ratings, with a 56C frame, voltages of 230/460 volts, and horsepower ratings of 1/2 to 2.
Blue Chip Severe Duty Rigid Base Blue Chip Severe Duty, Rigid Base Motors: Available in various T frame configurations, with RPM ratings of 1800, voltages of 230/460 volts, and horsepower ratings from 3 to 250.
Two-Speed, Blue Chip, Cooling Tower Motor Cooling Tower Motors: Available in various T frame configurations, with 900/1800 RPM ratings, 460 volts, and horsepower ratings between 3/.75 and 100/25.
Blue Chip Severe Duty NEMA Premium XRI Totally Enclosed, Blue Chip Severe Duty, NEMA Premium XRI, Rigid Base Motors: Available in various T frame configurations, RPM ratings between 1200 and 3600, 230 to 575 volts, with between 3/4 and 75 horsepower.
Blue Chip Severe Duty NEMA Premium XRI IEEE-841 Totally Enclosed, Blue Chip Severe Duty, NEMA Premium XRI IEEE-841, Rigid Base Motors: Available in various T frames, 900 to 3600 RPMs, 460 to 575 volts, and 1 to 350 horsepower ratings. The IEEE-841 rating ensures the motor is flexibly mounted, has a cast iron frame, solid feet, is anti-corrosion coated, efficient, and low noise for operation in petrochemical or chemical applications.
Hazardous Duty Motors: Severe duty motors for hazardous applications. Includes division 1 explosion proof class I and class II or NEMA Premium XRI. Depending on the model, these motors can operate in Group C, D, E, F, and G environments.

Is a Severe Duty Motor Right for Your Needs?

Severe duty motors are vital to industrial environments where high demands and airborne particulates limit the performance and lifespan of standard motors. Standard TEFC motor seals cannot withstand stress and contamination, resulting in bearing failure. Severe duty motors have a heavy cast iron construction, higher efficiency, improved insulation, and resist chemicals, moisture, and other contaminants.

Standard TEFC motors are made to meet NEMA MG1 at the lowest cost. Severe duty motors can meet IEEE-841 and offer money-saving performance in industrial environments. They are ideal for high-demand applications and can handle exposure to vibrations, mechanical stress, sawdust, ash, or outdoor weather. Standard motors will require frequent maintenance or replacement in such environments.


Meeting the IEEE-841 Standard

IEEE-841 severe duty motors operate in harsh conditions. They have improved corrosion resistance and seals on the drive end and non-drive end to protect against fluid contamination. IP55 protection to protect against dust and water is also standard in IEEE-841 motors. The motor construction is cast iron, with a gasketed cast iron terminal box, an aluminum or copper rotor cage, and a bronze alloy fan to prevent sparks. IEEE-841 motors are rated for maximum operating temperatures of 155° C with class F insulation. An IEEE-841 motor must go through a 96-hour salt spray test for corrosion resistance and have an allowable vibration of 0.08 inches per second or less.


Common Applications

Severe duty motors are ideal for applications where standard motors would be easily contaminated or cannot hold up in demanding conditions. The following applications depend on severe duty motors:

  • Rock crushers
  • Waste management
  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Chemical plants
  • Mines
  • Petrochemical plants

Get The Right Electric Motor for Your Harsh Application at GIE

Severe duty motors exceed the standards of a typical TEFC motor. They offer higher efficiency and improved resistance to corrosion, contamination, and vibration to meet the demands of industrial applications. At Gainesville Industrial Electric, we repair, service, and distribute industrial electric motors, pumps, and other parts. Our family-owned business has been serving customers since 1959 and has grown into Georgia’s largest independent motor distributor. Our friendly employees have over 20 years of experience on average, and we are EASA approved.


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