TECO-Westinghouse VFDs

Gainesville Industrial Electric is a certified TECO-Westinghouse distributor and we supply our clients with low- and medium-voltage AC drives and other reliable electrical systems built for commercial and industrial use from TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company.


A Primer on AC Drives

AC drives manage the speed of electrical motors to ensure a consistent, precise level of control. Properly employing AC drives can extend the lifespan of equipment within the system, reduce energy waste during operations and energy generation applications, and improve operations overall. By adding this layer of control, commercial and industrial systems can minimize physical shock and wear. AC drives are also called variable frequency drives (VFDs), inverter drives, or variable speed drives (VSDs), and they are available at different voltage levels.

Low Voltage vs. Medium Voltage AC Drives

Low voltage drives are highly efficient controls that can handle the demands of standard motors for both variable and constant speeds. They’re found in a wide range of applications, including food and beverage processing, mills, and pumps. Medium voltage drives can manage motors in high-power applications to ensure the systems don’t suffer from too-low voltage levels. These drives can supply increased voltage to manage current in applications that can require up to 100,000 horsepower.

GIE’s TECO-Westinghouse AC Drives Selection

Low Voltage AC Drives

Teco A510 Drive A510 Heavy Duty AC Drive 1HP-250HP: This AC drive provides high torque levels. The included PLC functionality makes it extremely versatile and compatible with a wide range of motor-driven applications.
Teco E510 Drive Pic E510 Nema 4/12 AC Drives 1HP-25HP: Our NEMA units have three tiers of horsepower and different voltages, and each unit comes with built-in PLC functionality.
Teco E510 Drive Pic EQ7 Series AC Drives 1HP-1000HP:This AC drive is built with multiple advanced features that grant it low-noise capabilities, diagnostic capabilities, controls, dynamic torque, and more. Users can employ these AC drives in both constant and variable torque use cases that require precise torque limits.
Teco F510 Drive Pic F510 Fan & Pump AC Drives 5HP-250HP:These drives are application-specific, with the right horsepower and power levels for use in industrial fan and centrifugal pump functions. Some of the most popular applications are for irrigation, cooling towers, and HVACs. Every unit has a real-time clock, built-in monitoring technology, built-in PLC functionality, and more for safe, powerful, and precise understanding.
Teco F510 Drive Pic L510 Micro AC Drives 1/4HP-3HP:This unit provides a large power range with versatile programming options. It's a cost-effective solution for low horsepower needs.
Teco N3 Drive Pic N3 Compact Drives 1/2HP-75HP: While these drives are compact, they can provide a lot of horsepower based on the unique needs of diverse applications. Each unit includes PID control with sleep mode, a potentiometer, and a digital operator with an LED display.

Medium Voltage AC Drives

Teco N3 Drive Pic VersaBridge® Medium Voltage Drive 1500HP - 40,000HP:For applications with a high power level demand, the VersaBridge provides industrial-level power in a variable speed drive. This unit is designed for use in power generation, oil and gas, mining, and other rugged, power-intensive use cases.

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