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Marathon Electric Motors

Marathon Electric Motors

Since 1913, Marathon Electric has developed a reputation for conservative motor designs and highly engineered products used in a vast array of commercial and industrial applications around the world.

Marathon Electric’s inverter duty motors are the motor of choice for the leading AC drive manufacturers around the globe. The microMax, BlueMAX and BlackMAX motors control pumps, drive fans and blowers, run conveyors and are used in thousands of mission critical applications where reliability and performance are the driving criteria.

Marathon Electric has built on their legacy of innovation by combining magnetics and motors into a single leading technology. Marathon Electric’s use of Magnology™ has led to the motor industry’s first axial and radial flux motors used in pumping applications.

The imPulse, imPower and SyMAX permanent magnetic AC motor families offer unique solutions for today’s demanding applications. Their unparalleled power densities, unprecedented performance and unmatched efficiencies are another industry first.

Motors are available in all popular enclosures up to 1250 HP. Gainesville Industrial Electric has been a Marathon Electric Motor distributor for over 25 years. We also offer service and repair for Marathon Electric Motors.

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